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Craig Davidson's best writing advice? Find a routine and stick to it

The Canada Reads-shortlisted author of the memoir Precious Cargo shares his best writing tip.
Craig Davidson's memoir Precious Cargo will be defended by Greg Johnson on Canada Reads 2018. (CBC)

Craig Davidson's memoir Precious Cargo documents the year Davidson was hired to drive a school bus for children with special needs and how the experience changed his life. Tornado hunter Greg Johnson defended Precious Cargo on Canada Reads 2018.

CBC Books asked Davidson for his best writing tip.

"Establish a routine. The idea out there is that writing is somewhat of a whimsical activity and you'll pursue creativity when the muse beckons you. I worked at a newspaper and I worked to deadlines. It didn't matter if I felt like writing that day, column inches had to be filled. It forced you to work past any kind of mental embargo. It was like a muscle that you just kept flexing, and it got like incrementally stronger each day. It taught me how to develop that muscle and how to stay dedicated to writing a book through the periods where you feel like you just want to quit."

Craig Davidson's comments have been edited and condensed.