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Canada Reads 2023: Watch the Day One replay here

The 22nd edition of the great Canadian book debate hosted by Ali Hassan begins here. What is the one book to shift your perspective?

The debates take place March 27-30 on CBC TV, CBC Radio and CBC Books

Canada Reads 2023: Day One

2 months ago
Duration 59:54
It's time for Canada Reads 2023 with host Ali Hassan! Five Canadians champion their chosen book as the "one book to shift your perspective " and vote to eliminate the first title from competition.

The great Canadian book debate is back for its 22nd season! The opening round of Canada Reads kicked off March 27, 2023 at 10 a.m ET.

Watch the Day One replay on this page or find other ways and times to tune in here.

The champions and their chosen books are:

A row of five books lined up vertically against a white background.
The Canada Reads 2023 debates will take place March 27-30 on CBC TV, CBC Radio and CBC Books. (CBC)

Over four days, the five champions will state their case for why their book is the "one to shift your perspective." In this Day One debate, they'll vote to eliminate the first title from the competition.

This year's host is comedian Ali Hassan.

Each panellist will have an opportunity to deliver an opening pitch for their respective book, then champion it when the question turns to whether their book is truly the one that all Canadians need to read right now.

The debates will take place live at 10:05 a.m. ET (that's an hour earlier than recent years!). You can tune in live or catch a replay on the platform of your choice. You can see all the broadcast details here.

After one hour of debate, the five panellists will have to vote one book off the show. 

Want to learn more about the books? Check out the Canada Reads 2023 podcast.

Last year, Ojibway fashion journalist Christian Allaire championed Michelle Good's novel Five Little Indians to victory on Canada Reads 2022.

WARNING: The books chosen for Canada Reads deal with difficult topics, such as trauma and abuse. These stories may be shared during the broadcast. Click this link to find publicly available resources for support.