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Canada Reads 2021 Finale: Watch the replay

Only two books remain in contention in Canada’s great book debate. Who will take this year’s crown? Find out today!

Canada Reads 2021: Finale

3 years ago
Duration 1:05:01
It's time for the final showdown. Two contenders go head-to-head, and one will be crowned the winner of Canada Reads 2021!

On the Canada Reads 2021 finale, chef, TV host and recording artist Roger Mooking, championing novel Butter Honey Pig Bread, faced off with actor and filmmaker Devery Jacobs, championing novel Jonny Appleseed, for the crown. 

Watch the recap of the finale on this page or find other ways and times to tune in here.

The champions and their chosen books are:

This year's host is comedian Ali Hassan.

For the final day of Canada Reads 2021, Mooking and Jacobs were tasked with convincing fellow panellists Scott HelmanRosey Edeh and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee why their contending book is "the one book to transport us."

Butter Honey Pig Bread, the novel Mooking is championing, tells the interwoven stories of twin sisters, Kehinde and Taiye, and their mother, Kambirinachi. Kambirinachi feels she was born an ogbanje, a spirit that plagues families with misfortune by dying in childhood to cause its mother misery. She believes that she has made the unnatural choice of staying alive to love her human family and now lives in fear of the consequences of that decision.

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"I was aware of reading a very, very well crafted book. I want to be sure that I can represent Francesca Ekwuyasi, who is a debut author," said Mooking during the Canada Reads 2021 finale.

The novel Jonny Appleseed, championed by Jacobs, is about a two-spirit Indigiqueer young man who has left the reserve and becomes a cybersex worker in the city to make ends meet. But he must reckon with his past when he returns home to attend his stepfather's funeral. 

"While I really love Jonny Appleseed to my core, pun intended, I honestly never imagined that I could do it justice enough to make it this far in Canada Reads. But I feel like I've had a driving force behind me during this debate. It's the perfect novel with poetic imagery, gripping heartbreak and honest writing that lifted my spirit," said Jacobs during the Canada Reads 2021 finale.

The debate featured discussions of the literary merit, themes and storytelling style of the contending books. After one hour of debate, the five panellists voted a fourth book off the show. 

Here are all the places you can watch the debates online:

Here are some other ways you can tune into Canada Reads 2021:

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