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Canada Reads 2019 Day Two: Watch the replay

Only four books remain in contention in the annual battle of the books!

Canada Reads 2019 - Day Two

5 years ago
Duration 1:14:18
One has fallen! Join host Ali Hassan as five celebrated Canadians enter the ring with their books. This year's theme is One Book to Move You. Which title will be voted off the bookshelf next?

It's Day Two of Canada Reads 2019! The Woo-Woo by Lindsay Wong was eliminated on Day One, which means its defender Joe Zee is a free agent. Which of the four remaining books will be eliminated next? 

Watch the recap of Day Two on this page, or on Gem or find other ways and times to tune in here.

The second round of Canada's annual battle of the books (March 26, 2019) was engrossing and spirited as the contending panellists went head-to-head on why their book is the one book all Canadians must read.

Moderated by host Ali Hassan, the panellists talked about the writing and setting of the books and the literary themes of empathy, forgiveness and human spirit — with the ensuing debates leading to a tense final vote.

Check this link to find out which book was voted off on Day One and Day Two of Canada Reads 2019.

The Canada Reads 2019 contenders are:

After one hour of debate, the five panellists voted a second book off the show. Which title will be the next to go?

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