Camp Average: Away Games

A middle-grade book by Craig Battle.

Craig Battle

It's another summer at Camp Avalon — also known as Camp Average to its campers — only this year, things are anything but normal. Mack and Andre are spending the summer at rival Camp Killington, where the competitive campers seem intent on making them suffer.

Meanwhile, at Camp Average, Miles is trying to keep the peace —which is not easy, due to obnoxious newcomer Garth and his pranks. On top of that, Miles has another impossible task on his plate: getting Mack and Andre back on home turf.

Things come to a head when Mack and Andre are forced apart, and Cassie challenges Garth to a do-or-die ball hockey showdown. Will the Camp Average crew find their way back together and come out on top? In this third and final addition to the series, the campers rally to support each other and discover once more how teamwork and cooperation win.

Camp Average: Away Games is the final book in the popular series set in Camp Avalon. When a boy named Miles tries to keep the peace between a new kid named Garth, a series of events leads to the ultimate ball hockey showdown. Miles and the rest of the campers are forced to work together in order to secure the final victory. (From OwlKids)

Craig Battle is a Canadian journalist, coach and author.

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