Burdock & Co

A cookbook by Andrea Carlson with Clea McDougall.

Andrea Carlson with Clea McDougall

In Burdock & Co, Andrea guides us into the delicious potential of the natural world, beautifully and lyrically exploring new frontiers in cooking — whether spotlighting the offcuts of a fish, or celebrating freshly picked rosehips — with a
literary narrative that tells the stories and unlocks the secrets of her recipes. She introduces the sustainability-focused farmers and foragers within the Burdock & Co community, and carefully shows how she translates the local ingredients they bring her into multi-dimensional recipes that let them shine.

Inside are recipes for unexpected takes on comfort classics, like the restaurant's beloved Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Pickles, Arctic Sourdough, Black Trumpet Mushroom Risotto, and Spicy Almond Dan Dan Noodles; vegetable showcases such as Braised Burdock Salad with Black Sesame Tahini, and Grilled Artichokes with Walnut Brown Butter; a bounty of fish and seafood dishes such as Sea Bream Crudo, Cherry Leaf Cured Scallops, and Rosemary Smoked Mussels; desserts including Salted Caramel Apple Pot Pie, Olive Oil Cake with Citrus Salad, and Staff Party Peach Pavlova; unique cocktails like the Shiso Fancy and Cherry Cherry Bang Bang; and experimental fermentations such as Sunchoke Beer. (From Appetite by Random House)

From the book

While compiling these recipes, I realized that for the last two decades I've been on a journey — cooking, learning the language of this land, discovering the tastes of B.C.'s coastlines, islands, valleys, forests and farms. These places have been hugely inspiring to my growth as a chef, so even though Burdock & Co is guided by whatever is seasonally available, I've grouped the recipes in this book not by season but by "place."

The book is divided into seven "places" and the elemental component of each: the ocean (seafoods), the island (botanicals), the garden (veggies), the air (fermentation), the farm (animals), hidden places (wild foods) and the city (our Burdock & Co classic recipes). Because the recipes are grouped by the main component that drives their flavour palette and true character, you may find a fish recipe outside of the ocean chapter — for example, if the essential part of that dish lies in, say, its botanical ingredients. It's a personal, perhaps unconventional, take on place and taste, very much influenced by life-changing moments and learning experiences, some of which I write about at the beginning of each chapter.

From Burdock & Co by Andrea Carlson ©2019. Published by Appetite by Random House.

Interviews with Andrea Carlson

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Andrea Carlson of Burdock and Co shows her favourite summer salad recipe

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Local chefs compete for the best spicy dish


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