A poetry collection by bill bissett.

bill bissett

breth presents both new and selected poems from legendary Canadian sound, visual, and performance poet bill bissett. bissett's innovations have shaped poetry, music, painting, and publishing and have stimulated, provoked, influenced, shocked, and delighted audiences for half a century.

This new collection, bissett writes, "shows sew manee threds thru poetree n langwage btween n thru lyrik sound song vizual narrativ non narrativ his her storikal naytur humour sexual romantik politikul metaphysikal spiritual fuseyunth pickshur image in th lettr th shape uv th lettr in th drawing line orchestrating th needs 4 caring n heering n being with each othr all thdrama uv all uv us lerning why n how creating thru art n th bizness uv life a much mor free n equitabul societee b r e t h contains maneestoreez uv being ther n getting ther n uv th love uv art n each othr th sharing times n th lossesin our journeez 2 b helping each othr n th planet erth nobody owns n thru art manee ways uv lifting ourselvs with kleen watr erth fire n air n love ths b r e t h is abt thees adventursuv sharing physical being n love spiritual n touching th manee ways art poetree can takeus byond th gift n prison uv self in2 th maneeworlds in n uv ths beautiful galaxee n ourselvsuttring th sounds in th images n lettrs n lettrs2 manee passing comets n ourselvs spin threel dreem xchanging love 4 love our maneeselvs on fire our gifts 2 each othr n ourselvs that evreewun has enuff ths time uv th sun n thlite in th dark touch th sun in time with joy n sorrow lerning n unlerning langwage n poetree can show we join with ourselvs n each other." (From Talonbooks)

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