Born Into It

In Born Into It, Baruchel’s lifelong memories as a Canadiens’ fan explode on the page in a collection of hilarious, heartfelt and nostalgic stories that draw on his childhood experiences.

Jay Baruchel

It's no secret that Jay Baruchel is a die-hard fan of the Montreal Canadiens. He talks about the team at every opportunity, wears their gear proudly in interviews and on the street, appeared in a series of videos promoting the team, and was once named honorary captain by owner Geoff Molson and Habs tough guy Chris Nilan. As he has said publicly, "I was raised both Catholic and Jewish, but really more than anything just a Habs fan."

In Born Into It, Baruchel's lifelong memories as a Canadiens' fan explode on the page in a collection of hilarious, heartfelt and nostalgic stories that draw on his childhood experiences as a homer living in Montreal and the enemy living in the Maple Leaf stronghold of Oshawa, Ontario. Knuckles drawn, and with the rouge, bleu et blanc emblazoned on just about every piece of clothing he owns, Baruchel shares all in the same spirit with which he laid his soul bare in his hugely popular Goon movies.

Born Into It is a memoir unlike any other, and a book not to be missed. (From HarperCollins Canada)

From the book

THIS IS HOW it starts. Equal parts anticipation and familiarity. We've been here before; we'll be here again. This is the start of a new season, and the continuation of a story we've been following all of our lives. It's October, and the Habs are back, and Canada can be itself again. Yes, summer is fun, and yes, we make the absolute most out of every second of that season, eating as many meals and doing as much of our socializing outdoors as possible. But this time of year, with its overcast horizons and cars idling to warm up, this is what we know. This is what we grew up in. This is what the world thinks of when it hears the word Canada. Soon it will be winter, eternal winter, and we'll all be able to see our breath, and there will be no end in sight, and our fortunes will be placed on the shoulders of men in sweaters iconic. This season is every season. This is how it starts.

From Born Into It by Jay Baruchel ©2018. Published by HarperCollins.


Comedian, author, director Jay Baruchel on his favourite authors, his greatest regret, his greatest extravagance and more.