Big Men Fear Me

Big Men Fear Me is a book by Mark Bourrie.

Mark Bourrie

The bottom of the book cover features a black-and-white cutout photo of a middle-aged man in a suit smoking a cigar. Above the photo is the title, "Big Men Fear Me," in black text, underlined in red.

When George McCullagh bought The Globe and The Mail and Empire and merged them into the Globe and Mail, today still one of Canada's preeminent daily newspapers, the 31-year-old high school dropout had already made millions on the stock market after the Crash of 1929 and the construction of his glamorous suburban Toronto estate was just the beginning of the meteoric rise of a man widely expected to one day serve as the country's prime minister.

Dogged by mental health issues that destroyed his political ambitions, the man who would be minister was all but written out of history, erased from the archives of his own newspaper, until now. (From Biblioasis)

In Big Men Fear Me, award-winning journalist and historian Mark Bourrie tells the remarkable story of McCullagh's inspirational rise and devastating fall.

Mark Bourrie is an award-winning journalist and historian. His books include The Killing Game, Fighting WordsThe Fog of War and Bush Runner, which won the 2020 RBC Taylor Prize

Interviews with Mark Bourrie

CNN's Peter Bergen, author of "The United States of Jihad" and historian Mark Bourrie, author of "The Killing Game" trace the roots on the radical world of homegrown Jihadists and take a look at the extremist propaganda machine's reach into North America.

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