A comic by Nina Bunjevac.

Nina Bunjevac

Drawing on her own traumatic memories of sexual assault, Ninja Bunjevac explores the warped psyche of a sexual predator. Told through a noirish lens, Bezimena is the story of a man who develops a disturbing sexual obsession with a former classmate, steadily losing his grasp on reality. As his fantasies become increasingly lurid, the book's imagery grows ever more surreal; in her masterfully lush, stippled technique, Bunjevac conjures mesmerizing dreamscapes and eerie allusions to the Greek myth of Artemis and Siproites. Refusing to shy away from the morally grotesque, Bezimena seeks to discover what compels people to commit acts of evil. (From Fantagraphics)

Bezimena is available in May 2019.

Interviews with Ninja Bunjevac

It was 1977, the terrorist cell was here in Canada. Peter Bunjevac had plans to attack the Yugoslav consulate in Toronto, his bomb exploded early. His daughter Nina has now pieced together details of her father's life in the graphic novel, 'Fatherland'. 24:59