A novel by Richard Powers.

Richard Powers

The astrobiologist Theo Byrne searches for life throughout the cosmos while singlehandedly raising his unusual nine-year-old son, Robin, following the death of his wife. Robin is funny, loving, and filled with plans. He thinks and feels deeply, and can spend hours painting elaborate pictures of the endangered animals he loves. He is also about to be expelled from third grade for smashing his friend in the face.

What can a father do, when the only solution offered to his troubled son is to put him on psychoactive drugs? What can he say when his boy comes to him wanting an explanation for a world that is clearly in love with its own destruction? 

With its soaring descriptions of the natural world, its tantalizing visions of life beyond and its account of a father and son's ferocious love, Bewilderment marks Richard Powers's most intimate and moving novel. At its heart lies the question: How can we tell our children the truth about this beautiful, imperilled planet? (From Penguin Random House)

Richard Powers is an American novelist whose works explore the effects of modern science and technology. Bewilderment is on the shortlist for the 2021 Booker Prize. Powers was previously nominated for the Booker Prize in 2018 for his novel The Overstory. The Overstory also won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

Interviews with Richard Powers

Pulitzer-Prize winning author, Richard Powers joins Gill Deacon to talk about his latest novel, "Bewilderment" for Here and Now's Tuesday afternoon book club.
Richard Powers won the Pulitzer Prize for his sweeping ecological epic The Overstory. Now, the American author is back with Bewilderment, which continues his exploration of our most pressing environmental and existential challenges. The novel is told through the decidedly more intimate lens of a widower struggling to support his young son amid an emotional maelstrom. Powers joins Piya Chattopadhyay to talk about the novel and his perspective on how we need to transform human consciousness if we hope to conquer the big problems plaguing us today.

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