Bear for Breakfast

A picture book by Robert Munsch and Jay Odjick.

Robert Munsch, illustrated by Jay Odjick

Donovan wants to catch a bear for breakfast — but what does the bear want? (From Scholastic)

Jay Odjick is an illustrator from the Kitigan Zibi First Nation. He is best known for creating the Indigenous superhero Kagagi, which began as a graphic novel. Odjick and Robert Munsch first collaborated on the picture book Blackflies.

An edition of Bear for Breakfast will have both the English and Algonquin languages in its pages.

What is was like illustrating Bear for Breakfast

"Even though Robert and I don't work closely together, it speaks to him trusting me and what I can do. He has the mindset of letting the artist create the art and the writer write the words. To me, that's perfect.

[Robert Munsch] has the mindset of letting the artist create the art and the writer write the words. To me, that's perfect.- Jay Odjick

"I come from a background of having an American comic book artistic style. There's a lot of manga or anime cartoon influences in the stuff I do. The book looks very much like a mixture of those two things and a cartooning approach. I was nervous about how people would react to it because it's such a huge departure, but the response has been really good. It's a style I've got where the art is bubbly and cartoony with bright colours. I think it appeals well to kids."

Read more in Jay Odjick's interview with CBC Books.

From the book

An interior image from Bear for Breakfast, illustrated by Jay Odjick and written by Robert Munsch. (Scholastic Canada)

Interviews with Jay Odjick

Robert Munsch

15 years ago
Duration 13:39
One of the world’s favourite authors, Robert Munsch, discusses his fight against illiteracy and his own struggle with mental illness.
The lively children's storyteller and author tells Don Harron what goes into creating a good tale for kids. Note: This clip was edited for copyright reasons.

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