Heather T. Smith's young adult novel is about a girl growing up in Newfoundland whose family is torn apart when the cod fishing industry collapses.

Heather T. Smith

Set in 1990s Newfoundland, Baygirl is the story of Kit Ryan, a teenage girl whose family is torn apart when the cod fishing industry collapses in her small coastal town of Parsons Bay. Her father, an alcoholic, is newly out of work, and his violent outbursts are enabled by his mother. When the family moves to St. Johns, Kit must leave her best friend and beloved Nan behind. The new people Kit encounters in the city — her depressed, recovering-alcoholic Uncle Iggy and the eccentric Mr. Adams who lives next door — help her slowly adjust to her new life. Until she's called back to Parsons Bay. Will Kit emerge from the other side?

Baygirl is for readers ages 15 and up.

From the book

When we got home Dad said we should celebrate. But we all knew what that meant. So we sat around and discussed the other speeches just long enough for Dad to have one drink. Then we all went our separate ways and left Dad alone in his chair to gnaw on the bone I had thrown him, savoring every last morsel, until nothing was left but tiny sharp fragments.

From Baygirl by Heather T. Smith ©2013. Published by Orca Books.