At Risk

Jacqueline Guest's young adult novel is about a teen girl who works at a camp for at-risk youth.

Jacqueline Guest

Nineteen-year-old Tia is working at a camp focused on helping at-risk youth be "scared straight." Tia tries to bond with a street kid named Sage who rebuffs Tia's friendship. When money goes missing, Sage is blamed. But who is really responsible? At Risk is a satisfying mystery combined with a powerful story about teens dealing with their demons, their troubled pasts, and their uncertain futures.

At Risk is for readers ages 13 and up.

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From the book

She wondered if Ty was right and she was sabotaging herself before she'd even started. In the past, there were times when, real or imagined, she hadn't felt accepted by her classmates. She'd been a loner, but not by choice. She hadn't fit in. After all, there weren't many black Canadian farm kids in rural schools, and she'd stuck out. She always wondered if it was this difference that made her an outsider, always looking in.

From At Risk by Jacqueline Guest ©2014. Published by James Lorimer & Company.

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