Army of the Brave and Accidental

Alex Boyd's 21st century retelling of the Odyssey gives a unique view of modern life.

Alex Boyd

A genre-bending retelling of The Odyssey, Army of the Brave and Accidental is a modern fable: a story about relationships, parenthood and trying to have an impact on the world told from the shifting perspectives of 10 characters. A hundred years after James Joyce stitched together a version of the epic tale, Canadian writer and essayist Alex Boyd updates the story as a reflection of Canadian 21st century culture, allowing it to take a radically different cultural snapshot. These reimaginings newly create and colour a contemporary view of modern love without compromising any of the pitfalls or exaltations.

Army of the Brave and Accidental is funny, deft, wise and poetic all at once. The epic spans major cities such as Toronto and New York and is a coming-of-age story, a journey, a love story and a tragi-comedy. (From Harbour Publishing)

Army of the Brave and Accidental is available in April 2018.