Are We Screwed?

Geoff Dembicki looks at how the millennial generation is facing climate change.

Geoff Dembicki

If anyone doubted the potential political power of the millennial generation, Bernie Sanders' campaign put it in the spotlight. Are We Screwed? makes clear that the ardor for change defines this generation, especially when it comes to climate change, and they are willing to consider options that their elders might think naive and impractical, rejecting a capitalism that cares only about profit and a political system riven by false ideology. In telling the stories of his contemporaries around the globe, in describing how they think and the many ways they are already effecting change, Geoff Dembicki documents a historic shift in values and a corresponding re-thinking of how social change can happen.

As of this year, the millennial generation (18 to 34 year-olds) will become North America's largest demographic. It is also the generation that has lived with the looming reality of global warming and will be most affected by its impacts. In vividly reported dispatches from Beijing to Paris, from San Francisco to New York, Dembicki examines what millennial responses to climate change look like and how they are shaping our future. He also provides an essential perspective on how climate change is intensifying generational tensions and shifts in society. In the process, a portrait of a generation emerges that goes a long way toward re-branding it in ways that are positive and full of hope for the future. (From Bloomsbury US)

This book is available in August 2017.