Are the Rivers in Your Poems Real

Are the Rivers in Your Poems Real is a poetry collection by Moez Surani.

Moez Surani

Following Surani's previous collection Operations, which excavated the debasement done to language by nations worldwide, how does one return to using language for poetry? Are the Rivers in Your Poems Real responds to this question. Amidst the dangers of figurative language, the coercion of sentimentality and the insidious freight of abstraction, these poems embody the necessity for the critical, the communal, the real. This collection uses conceptual critiques of public discourse and experimental social cartographies, as well as lyrics of intimacy, to defy prescribed ways of being.

Are the Rivers in Your Poems Real is an act of resistance against dangerous and domineering narratives and the power they inscribe. (From Book*Hug Press)

Are the Rivers in Your Poems Real is available in Sept. 2019.

Moez Surani is the Toronto-based author of three other works of poetry: Reticent Bodies, Floating Life and Operations

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