Anthony and the Gargoyle

A picture book by Jo Ellen Bogart, illustrated by Maja Kastelic.

Jo Ellen Bogart, illustrated by Maja Kastelic

Anthony's house is full of family photos — of his parents' trip to Paris, his great aunt, and Anthony himself as a toddler, holding his favourite rock.

When Anthony wakes up one morning, he sees that his "rock" has cracked open — it's hollow inside. He doesn't see the little face peering out from the closet. Later, he discovers the newly hatched creature and they become friends. Anthony asks his mother about the rock, and she shows him a photo album of a trip to Paris. Anthony sees that his friend resembles the gargoyles at Notre-Dame cathedral. Back in his room, he shows the photos to the baby gargoyle who looks at them with longing.

News arrives that Anthony's great aunt is in hospital. The family travel to Paris to visit, and Anthony secretly brings the baby gargoyle. When the family have a chance to climb Notre-Dame's tower, Anthony and his friend wander from one gargoyle to the next … until the baby gargoyle sees one that looks just like him.

A bittersweet story of true friendship and letting go. (From Groundwood Books)

Jo Ellen Bogart is an award-winning American Canadian author of children's books. Based in Ontario, her work includes The White Cat and the Monk, illustrated by Sydney Smith, Jeremiah Learns to Read, illustrated by Laura Fernandez and Rick Jacobson and Gifts, illustrated by Barbara Reid.

Maja Kastelic is an artist and children's book author and illustrator based in Slovenia. 

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