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Andrew Westoll

Andrew Westoll is a Canadian writer.
Andrew Westoll is a writer and journalist based in Toronto. (Samantha Francis)

Andrew Westoll's The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary is on the Canada Reads 2019 longlist. The final five books and the panellists defending them will be revealed on Jan. 31, 2019.

The 2019 debates are happening on March 25-28, 2019 and will be hosted by Ali Hassan.

About Andrew Westoll

Andrew Westoll is a journalist and author of fiction and nonfiction in Toronto. His first book was The Riverbonesa travelogue about the jungles of Suriname, where he did research on capuchin monkeys. He followed this up with The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuarya bestselling nonfiction book about a family of chimps liberated from a research facility and relocated at a sanctuary near Montreal. It won the 2012 Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Nonfiction, which is now known as the RBC Taylor Prize.

Westoll published his debut novel, The Jungle South of the Mountain, in 2016. The book follows a scientist named Stanley as he studies the life of capuchin monkeys in a South American rainforest. Westoll is also an assistant professor of creative writing at University of Toronto Scarborough.

Andrew Westoll on writing fiction vs. nonfiction

"When I first started writing, I was mostly writing fiction — mostly because I didn't know what creative nonfiction was — so I mostly spent my time writing really short stories and working on my sentences through fiction. I always kind of thought I'd be writing longer-form fiction at some point. And then nonfiction took me on a tour in a different direction.
I'm really interested in continuing to explore the fictional voice for sure.

I'm really interested in exploring the cross-genre voice...- Andrew Westoll

"I'm also really interested in exploring the cross-genre voice, which is something that I'm messing around with right now. I won't be just skipping straight back to nonfiction and forgetting about fiction — it's been really rewarding to stretch my legs and return to something that I thought I was originally going to be doing."

Read more of this interview on CBC Books.

Books by Andrew Westoll

Interviews with Andrew Westoll

Andrew Westoll on his novel set in South America about a scientist studying capuchin monkeys.

Andrew Westoll

11 years ago
Duration 3:06
Winner of the Charles Taylor Prize talks to CBC's Sian Jones about his win and his relationship with the chimps of Fauna sanctuary.

Andrew Westoll On The Chimpanzees' Great Escape

11 years ago
Duration 2:50
Westoll tells a story about what happened when a group of chimps spent the night out of their cages.


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