Aminder Dhaliwal

Aminder Dhaliwal is a Canadian comic writer and animator.
Aminder Dhaliwal is a Canadian cartoonist and animator. (Kenneth Hung)

Aminder Dhaliwal is a comic writer and television animator originally from Brampton, Ont. Now based in Los Angeles, Dhaliwal is a director at Disney TV Animation. Her comic series Woman World, originally published on Instagram to hundreds of thousands of followers, was released as a graphic novel by Drawn & Quarterly in 2018. The sweet and satirical book describes a world in which men have gone extinct and women have rallied to continue human existence. The book received nominations for both the Doug Wright Spotlight Award and Eisner Award for best humour publication.

CBC Books named Dhaliwal a writer to watch in 2019.

Books by Aminder Dhaliwal

Why Aminder Dhaliwal wrote Woman World

"[At the Women's March] there was such a large sense of community and joy and comfort. It was just a few months after the 2016 election and I think, regardless of where you stand politically, it was a really tense time. There was just so much happening. It was really hard to turn on the TV. There was so much news always. That day for me was just really comfortable. I walked away feeling excited.

I hope I made feminism approachable.- Aminder Dhaliwal

"I hope I made feminism approachable. It's such slice of life book, which to me is feminism. It's something that I just am. It's my everyday life. Sometimes when you bring up the big F word people are cringing or have such a different view of it. I just wanted to take that side away from it. I wanted to make it approachable and fun and slice of life and just a nice easy read. I hope the emotion of the energy and the feeling I had that day of walking through Women's March, I hope that comes through."

Read more in Aminder Dhaliwal's interview with CBC Books.

Interviews with Aminder Dhaliwal


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