All Over the Map

A book by Ron James.

Ron James

His legion of fans—the ones who ensure his every show the length and breadth of Canada is sold out—recognize Ron James as one of the great stand-ups of his generation. His seemingly improvisational flights of fancy—no two shows are ever the same—are crammed with inventive phrase-making, feature a voluminous vocabulary, and put every word into the service of uproarious comedy.

He sounds like a man born to write a great book—and now at last he has. But this is a book he has been writing for most of his life, in his head, in his car, while driving from gig to gig.

In All Over the Map, Ron has brilliantly captured the voice that has enthralled millions on stage and screen. He also lets up a little on the usually relentless laughs (though there are still plenty of those) to reveal a new dimension to his beloved showbiz character. His hilarious reminscences of growing up in Nova Scotia and his early struggles as an aspiring comic, his reveries on such topics as family, country, celebrity and lessons learned from myriad chance encounters will deepen our appreciation for this great comic and win him many new fans in his new role as author. (From Doubleday Canada)

Ron James is a comedian from Nova Scotia who now lives in Toronto. He had a CBC series, The Ron James Show, for five years, from 2009 to 2014. 

Interviews with Ron James

Canadian standup comedian Ron James spoke with Tom Power about his new memoir, All Over the Map, which explores his Nova Scotian roots, his struggles to break into comedy and more. 20:16
Comedian Ron James joined host Jeff Douglas ahead of his Nova Scotia shows this week. His tour is called Back Where I Belong, and he also has a new book, "All Over The Map: Rambles and Ruminations from the Canadian Road." 18:04

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Ron James delivers his brand of funny. 44:13

Ron James: Fast Forward

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Ron James explores the highs and lows of 2015, including the federal election, and the man-bun. 44:12

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