Akin is a novel by Emma Donoghue.

Emma Donoghue

Noah is only days away from his first trip back to Nice since he was a child when a social worker calls looking for a temporary home for Michael, his eleven-year-old great-nephew. Though he has never met the boy, he gets talked into taking him along to France.

This odd couple, suffering from jet lag and culture shock, argue about everything from steak haché to screen time, and the trip is looking like a disaster. But as Michael's ease with tech and sharp eye help Noah unearth troubling details about their family's past, both of them come to grasp the risks that people in all eras have run for their loved ones, and find they are more akin than they knew.

Written with all the tenderness and psychological intensity that made Room a huge bestseller, Akin is a funny, heart-wrenching tale of an old man and a boy who unpick their painful story and start to write a new one together. (From HarperCollins Canada)

Emma Donoghue is an Irish Canadian writer. Her novel Room was an international bestseller and was adapted into a critically acclaimed film starring Brie Larson.

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6 years ago
Duration 1:02
The Irish-Canadian Oscar-nominated author describes what she will apply to her next film-writing project

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