Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me

Julie Johnston's young adult novel won the Governor General's Literary Award for young people's literature in 1994.

Julie Johnston

Sara Moone is almost 16 and has spent far too long being bounced from foster home to foster home. Almost out of the system that caused her so much pain, Sara vows that, when she's free, she will go someplace where no one can hurt her ever again. But before she's released, she has one last placement: the Huddlestons' sheep farm. And there are lessons awaiting her — on the meaning of family, love and acceptance — that she can't turn away from no matter how hard she may try. 

Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me is for readers ages 14 and up. The book won the 1994 Governor General's Literary Award for young people's literature.

From the book

O give me a home where the imbeciles roam — I can't believe this place. A farm! They've placed me at some kind of a farm. Am I being punished? Do they think I have animalistic tendencies? I mean, look! I've never done anything wrong in my life. I obey every rule in the book. The way to get along in this world is be invisible. Flatten yourself out and wait. That's what I thought I was doing. Just hanging around blending in with the wallpaper, waiting until my sixteenth birthday. I thought it was my darkest hour when I ended up with Mrs. K. and Frank exuding compassion for the homeless in their house haunted by every cabbage they'd ever boiled in their lives. They went in for boiled fish, too, and deeply waxed floors and they were death on open windows. But this place!

From Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me by Julie Johnston ©1994. Published by Tundra Books.