A Thousand Shades of Blue

Robin Stevenson's young adult novel is about a girl whose family decides to sail to the Caribbean in a small boat.

Robin Stevenson

When Rachel's family decides to spend the summer sailing together on a boat, Rachel feels trapped — in more ways than one. She's also sad about leaving behind her best friend and older sister. Things turn around when the boat needs repair and the family spends some time in the Bahamas. There, Rachel finds the freedom and friendship she craves, but she also discovers a secret that could tear the island apart...

A Thousand Shades of Blue is for readers ages 13 and up.

From the book

I'm sitting on the foredeck of our sailboat. This is what passes for privacy now. My parents and my younger brother, Tim, are twenty feet behind me. They can see me if they stand up, but at least I can't hear them over the sound of the waves breaking against the hull and the wind luffing the badly trimmed jib. Sailing only looks quiet and peaceful when you're watching from the shore.

From A Thousand Shades of Blue by Robin Stevenson ©2008. Published by Orca Books.