A Short History of Indians In Canada

This short story collection by Thomas King is full of deft, hilarious and provocative tales.

Thomas King


Acclaimed author Thomas King is in fabulous, fantastical form in this bestselling short story collection. From the surreal migrations of the title story to the misadventures of Coyote in the modern world and the chaos of a baby's unexpected arrival by airmail, King's tales are deft, hilarious and provocative. (From HarperCollins)

From the book

Can't sleep, Bob Haynie tells the doorman at the King Eddie. Can't sleep, can't sleep.

First time in Toronto? says the doorman.

Yes, says Bob.



Looking for some excitement?


Bay street, sir, says the doorman.

From "A Short History of Indians in Canada" by Thomas King in A Short History of Indians in Canada ©2005.  Published by HarperCollins.