A Dance of Cranes

A novel by Steve Burrows.

Steve Burrows

Newly estranged from his girlfriend, Lindy, Inspector Domenic Jejeune has returned to Canada to the news that his brother, Damian, has gone missing in Wood Buffalo National Park while conducting field research on Whooping Cranes. But even if Jejeune can find Damian in the vast, remote wilderness, staying alive afterward may prove a far greater challenge.

Back in the U.K., Sergeant Danny Maik is on a missing person search of his own. Maik must try to track Lindy down after Jejeune's plan to protect her fails and she is abducted by a sociopathic killer. The disturbing circumstances of Lindy's disappearance mean that even if he finds her, the danger will not be over.

Across two continents, the lives of Domenic and Lindy are spiralling toward a shared fate. And it seems there is nothing anyone can do to help them. (From Dundurn Press)

From the book

VI. Six. The most dangerous number of all. It meant perilous conditions. It meant violent, unpredictable forces. And for Annie Prior, it had meant death.

The man stared back up the river, transfixed for a moment by the raw energy of the water boiling down through the narrow chasm. A low roar reverberated off the rocks, filling the air with its dull thunder. He had never seen Category Six rapids before, but he knew these would qualify. Surely, no level of river danger could exceed the way this water was churning through the steep-sided gorge, crashing down in explosions of white spume onto the jagged rocks below. Even for the most experienced white-water canoeist, any attempt to navigate this stretch of rapids would be madness. For a novice, without a helmet or life jacket, it was tantamount to suicide. But for someone who is in fear for their life, any escape route must be tried, no matter how terrifying.

From A Dance of Cranes by Steve Burrows ©2019. Published by Dundurn.

Interviews with Steve Burrows

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