99: Stories of the Game

Wayne Gretzky explores some of the NHL's greatest moments from his perspective and opens up about the people who inspired him.

Wayne Gretzky, with Kirstie McLellan Day

No one has been as close to the game as Wayne Gretzky. When he first laced up skates in the NHL, he changed the league. And by the time he had hung up his skates, he had re-written the record book. There can be no doubt what he means to the game. What we haven't seen is what the game means to him.

For the first time, Wayne Gretzky will tell us about the NHL's great moments from his point of view. We will meet the people who inspired him and motivated him. We'll read the stories of the players who ignited his imagination, just as Gretzky himself inspired the dreams of so many young players and fans. (From Penguin Canada)

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