8 books you heard on CBC Radio this week

Heard about a book and can't wait to read it? Here are the books mentioned on CBC Radio from Saturday, Jan. 6 to Friday Jan. 12, 2018.

Heard about a book and can't wait to read it? Here are the books mentioned on CBC Radio from Saturday, Jan. 6 to Friday Jan. 12, 2018.

The Perfect Nanny by Leïla Slimani

Leïla Slimani’s latest novel, The Perfect Nanny, won France’s top literary award, the Goncourt, and was the most read book in the country in 2016. The novel is now available in North America. (Getty Images/Penguin Random House)

What it's about: Leïla Slimani explores the dynamic between a professional couple and the nanny who tends to their children. The Perfect Nanny creates more tension with every page only to break down the idyllic lifestyle it establishes so well.

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Ernest Hemingway by Mary V. Dearborn

Mary V. Dearborn is the first female biographer of Ernest Hemingway. (Ed Keeting)

What it's about: This book is a deep dive into the life of the great American novelist. Mary V. Dearborn, the first female biographer of Hemingway, looks at the forces that motivated the author and were eventually his undoing. This is the first full biography of Ernest Hemingway in over 15 years.

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Seven Fallen Feathers by Tanya Talaga

Tanya Talaga highlights the lives of seven Indigenous students in Seven Fallen Feathers. (Steve Russell/Toronto Star/House of Anansi)

What it's about: Investigative journalist Tanya Talaga follows the lives of seven Indigenous students found dead in Thunder Bay, Ont. between 2000 and 2011. Seven Fallen Feathers treats the students' stories with dignity while providing a factual and emotional account of injustices toward Indigenous communities.

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Tomboy Survival Guide by Ivan Coyote

Ivan Coyote is the author of Tomboy Survival Guide. (Robin Toma Photography/Arsenal Pulp Press)

What it's about: Tomboy Survival Guide works to break down binaries and reinforce self-acceptance over meeting the expectations of others. Ivan Coyote tells stories of growing up a tomboy in Yukon, embracing their past and working to break outside of a norm that doesn't quite fit.

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The Unfinished Dollhouse: A Memoir of Gender and Identity by Michelle Alfano

Michelle Alfano is the author of The Unfinished Dollhouse, a memoir about her experience as the mother of a transgender child. (Rob Alfano/Cormorant Books)

What it's about: Michelle Alfano recounts her own education in raising a child in gender transition, an education that began with an unwanted dollhouse for a birthday present. The Unfinished Dollhouse is Alfano's honest account of misused pronouns, parental mistakes and the importance of unconditional support.

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The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

Chloe Benjamin's latest novel, The Immortalists, is equal parts supernatural thriller and family drama. (Nathan Jandl)

What it's about: Chloe Benjamin's novel explores themes of mortality, fate and self determinism as it presents the lives of four children, each told the date of their death. The Immortalists follows the four lives across 50 years, exploring how they choose to live their lives, knowing when they will die.

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How We Can Win by Anthony Lacavera

(Kathryn Hollinrake/Penguin Random House)

What it's about: How We Can Win is an argument for change. WIND Mobile CEO, Anthony Lacavera argues that Canadian businesses need to ditch their old-school practices in favour of dreaming big and showing the world the strength of the Canadian spirit.

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Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff

(David Bailey/Henry Holt & Co.)

What it's about: Having been given access to the White House and interviews with some of its top administrators, Michael Wolff published his account of what he saw. After a great deal of controversy, Fire and Fury has turned into a bestseller.

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