305 Lost Buildings of Canada

A book by Raymond Biesinger & Alex Bozikovic.

Raymond Biesinger & Alex Bozikovic

The legacies of theaters, hotels, fire stations, flour mills, and more — torn down, burned down, and otherwise lost — are uncovered in this bittersweet collection. Using archival photographs, blueprints, and written reports, Raymond Biesinger has rendered a selection of Canada's most iconic lost buildings in his signature minimalist style.

Accompanying Biesinger's illustrations are Alex Bozikovic's descriptions which capture each building's historical, cultural, and architectural significance. Bozikovic draws on local histories, archived building permits and his own extensive knowledge of the Canadian urban architectural landscape and its history — from the letters passed through Kelowna's unlikely art deco post office to the destruction of a home in Halifax's Africville — to offer fascinating, sometimes forgotten stories about each building and its significance.

An impossible architectural walking tour, 305 Lost Buildings of Canada spans the country, its cities and countryside, and its history. Cities change, buildings come and go, but in this fact-filed compendium, you'll find the lost wonders of Canada's architecture. (From Goose Lane Editions)

Interviews with Raymond Biesinger & Alex Bozikovic       

In their new book 305 Lost Buildings of Canada, Montreal illustrator Raymond Biesinger and Toronto architecture critic Alex Bozikovic unearth the history and design of memorable buildings across the country that no longer stand. From churches and warehouses to nightclubs and post offices, Biesinger and Bozikovic tell Helen Mann why these buildings matter beyond their bricks and mortar... and what they reveal about the tension between preservation and progress in the push toward urban renewal.
Remembering some of Calgary's and Canada's lost heritage buildings.

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