2013 CBC Poetry Prize: The longlist

37 writers are on the 2013 CBC Poetry Prize longlist.

CBC Books, along with our partners the Canada Council for the Arts, Air Canada's enRoute magazine and The Banff Centre, are pleased to announce the 37 works on the longlist for the 2013 CBC Poetry Prize. 

The following texts were selected from over 2,000 submissions received from across the country. 

  • "Portraits" by Joshua Bouchard (Elliot Lake, ON)
  • "Migration (1851-1882)" by Lauren Carter (The Pas, MB)
  • "Writers' Bedrooms" by Kate Cayley (Toronto, ON)
  • "Cracked" by Meira Cook (Winnipeg, MB)
  • "Little children, little children!" by Meira Cook (Winnipeg, MB)
  • "Song and Temporary" by Kayla Czaga (Vancouver, BC)
  • "Waiting for spring, or something" by Ruth Daniell (Vancouver, BC)
  • "Collection of Poems" by Carolyn Doornekamp (Toronto, ON)
  • "Laurentian Suite" by Susan Glickman (Toronto, ON)
  • "Homage" by Jenny Haysom (Ottawa, ON)
  • "Cueva de Pileta" by Maureen Hynes (Toronto, ON)
  • "Morning in the burned house" by Veronika Izabela (Toronto, ON)
  • "Guestbook Entries" by Gordon Johnston (Otonabee-South Monaghan, ON)
  • "The River" by Andrew Julnes (Vancouver, BC)
  • "Seizures" by Garth Martens (Victoria, BC)
  • "Rote Welter" by Garth Martens (Victoria, BC)
  • "Waiting for Wind" by Claire Matthews (Surrey, BC)
  • "On Naming and the Origin of Pity" by Cassidy McFadzean (Regina, SK)
  • "SON-LINE" by Christopher Penny (High River, AB)
  • "The Jargon Of Satyrs" by Christopher Penny (High River, AB)
  • "Borealis" by Pamela Porter (North Saanich, BC)
  • "Marie" by Michael Prior (Richmond, BC)
  • "We Are Approximate Beings Made Proximate By Love; Bone Houses" by Bruce Rice (Regina, SK)
  • "A Hedgehog in the Kitchen Keeps the Cockroaches at Bay" by Robin Richardson (Mississauga, ON)
  • "Sit How You want, Dear; No One's Looking" by Robin Richardson (Mississauga, ON)
  • "Einstein's Beach" by Linda Rogers (Victoria, BC)
  • "Two Girls" by Laisha Rosnau (Coldstream, BC)
  • "Placebo" by Elizabeth Ross (Toronto, ON)
  • "The Trailer" by James Scoles (Winnipeg, MB)
  • "I Blame MASH For My Addiction To MLS" by Bren Simmers (Vancouver, BC)
  • "Bluegrass Meteorology" by Alison Smith (New Germany, NS)
  • "Body Temperature" by Kilby Smith-McGregor (Toronto, ON)
  • "Strolling into Loveliness" by Susan Stenson (Victoria, BC)
  • "In Baghdad it is Night" by Kim Trainor (Vancouver, BC)
  • "Maslow's Frozen Basement" by Janet Trull (Ancaster, ON)   
  • "One Day in the City of Longing" by Mark Wagenaar (Dentont, TX, USA)
  • "Portage" by Phoebe Wang (Toronto, ON)

Congratulations to everyone who made the longlist! And thank you to everyone who participated.

This year's readers were Elizabeth Bachinsky, Katherine Bitney, Alex Boyd, Amatoritsero Ede, Andrew Faulkner, Barbara Klar, Grant Loveys, Carmelita McGrath, Philip Kevin Paul and Sarah Tsiang. 

The CBC Poetry Prize shortlist was announced on September 17, 2013.