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12 Canadian picture books to look forward to in the first half of 2018

Mark your calendars! Here are 12 Canadian picture books you'll want to check out.

Mark your calendars! Here are 12 Canadian picture books you'll want to check out this spring.

Good Night, Good Night by Dennis Lee, illustrated by Qin Leng

Dennis Lee (left) wrote and Qin Leng (centre) illustrated Good Night, Good Night. (

What it's about: Good Night, Good Night is the latest from famed poet and children's author Dennis Lee, which feature poems that centre on the themes of dreams and every kid's worst enemy, bedtime. 

When you can read it: Feb. 6, 2018

Bloom by Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Julie Morstad

Kyo Maclear (left) wrote and Julie Morstad (centre) illustrated Bloom. (Diaspora Dialogues/CBC/Tundra)

What it's about: Continuing their series of biographical picture books, award-winning duo Kyo Maclear and Julie Morstad's Bloom is the story of iconic fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli and how she used imagination to define beauty on her own terms. 

When you can read it: Feb. 6, 2018

Boonoonoonous Hair by Olive Senior, illustrated by Laura James

Olive Senior has written fiction, nonfiction, poetry and children's books. (Tradewind Books/

What it's about: Boonoonoonous Hair, written by award-winning author Olive Senior and illustrated by Laura James, is the story of how a young girl learns to love her curly, hard-to-manage hair. 

When you can read it: Feb. 15, 2018

They Say Blue by Jillian Tamaki

They Say Blue is Jillian Tamaki's first picture book. (Groundwood, Reynard Li)

What it's about: A vibrant picture book by Jillian Tamaki, They Say Blue is an exploration of colour told from the perspective of a curious and inquisitive little girl. 

When you can read it: March 13, 2018

Siuluk by Nadia Sammurtok, illustrated by Rob Nix

Siuluk is written by Nadia Sammurtok and illustrated by Rob Nix. (Inhabit Media)

What it's about: Inspired by traditional stories Kivalliq region of Nunavut, Nadia Sammurtok's Siuluk retells the story of the a friendly giant named Siuluk who must prove his legendary strength to a group of men who tease him about his size.   

When you can read it: April 1, 2018

The Funeral by Matt James

Matt James is the author and illustrator of The Funeral. (Groundwood/

What it's about: In The Funeral, a young girl named Norma goes to her great-uncle Frank's funeral which makes her start to question ideas and ceremonies surrounding life and death.   

When you can read it: April 1, 2018

The Triumphant Tale of the House Sparrow by Jan Thornhill

Jan Thornhill is the author of The Triumphant Tale of the House Sparrow. (Groundwood)

What it's about: Jan Thornhill's The Triumphant Tale of the House Sparrow traces the origins and interesting history of the infamous house sparrow. 

When you can read it: April 1, 2018

Ten Cents a Pound by Nhung Tran-Davies, illustrated by Josée Bisaillon 

Nhung Tran-Davies (left) wrote and Josée Bisaillon (centre) illustrated Ten Cents a Pound. (Second Story Press/

What it's about: Ten Cents a Pound by Nhung Tran-Davies is a touching story about a mother who encourages her young daughter to leave the comfort and familiarity of their village behind and pursue the education and opportunities that she herself never had. 

When you can read it: April 10, 2018

Wallpaper by Thao Lam

Thao Lam wrote and illustrated Wallpaper. (Owlkids/

What it's about: In Thao Lam's Wallpaper, a shy young girl is having a hard time making new friends when she discovers a fantasy world behind the wallpaper of her family's new house. 

When you can read it: April 15, 2018

A Storytelling of Ravens by Kyle Lukoff, illustrated by Natalie Nelson

Kyle Lukoff (left) wrote and Natalie Nelson (centre) illustrated A Storytelling of Ravens. (Groundwood/

What it's about: Kyle Lukuoff's A Storytelling of Ravens is a tongue-in-cheek book that examines the origins of some of the often very strange names we have for groups of animals. 

When you can read it: May 1, 2018

One Eagle Soaring by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd

Robert Budd, left, and Roy Henry Vickers have collaborated on several picture books.

What it's about: From award-winning duo Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd, One Eagle Soaring is an introduction to numbers using animals native to Canada's west coast, including whales, bears and marmots. 

When you can read it: May 1, 2018

Ocean Meets Sky by Terry and Eric Fan

Eric Fan (left) and Terry Fan are award-winning illustrators based in Toronto. (

What it's about: In Ocean Meets Sky, the follow-up to their stunningly illustrated The Night Gardener, Terry Fan and Eric Fan tell the story of a young boy named Finn who sets out on an adventure to find the mythical place where the ocean meets the sky. 

When you can read it: May 15, 2018


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