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Garth Materie, Host

I first heard the siren song of radio when I was about five, back when transistors were high tech!

At the time I thought all the musicians came down to the radio station to play - I learned about records a little later, but the damage was done. Then a part-time job as a disc jockey in high school reeled me in further.

I made a few attempts at escape. However after working as a parliamentary researcher in Ottawa I got the opportunity to blend two fascinations: politics and radio. A job as a free-lance radio reporter during an election campaign sealed the deal.

I've been a reporter in radio news for over a quarter century, including 20 years with CBC in Saskatoon. I'm still fascinated by this province and its people. Helping to tell their stories is a joy.

Both Roberta, my wife, and I were born and raised in Saskatchewan. Our roots in this province run deep.

We live in Saskatoon with a Lhasa Apso named Kizmet. I love to cook. I have a consuming interest in Canadian history, scooters, politics and economics and the law. And being the host of a show with a name and forum as all encompassing as Blue Sky gives me the opportunity to explore all my interests and yours. So don't be a stranger - let's do lunch!