Two of Canada's most trusted media sources - CBC Television and Canadian Living -- have come together to create the ultimate cooking series.  BEST RECIPES EVER solves the food dilemmas of Canadians coast-to-coast and is the definitive source for quick and easy food ideas that are tested, tried-and-true winners.   

We can all use some inspiration and encouragement in the kitchen and BEST RECIPES EVER, with its recipes that turn out every time, helps us overcome the challenge of getting homemade food on the table every day.   

The host of the series, Kary Osmond, is a passionate food professional who cooks up delicious no-fail dishes every afternoon. Kary has been given full access to the massive 30-year-old Canadian Living recipe database that includes thousands of 'Tested Till Perfect' dishes.  

In each half-hour episode, Kary picks three of the VERY BEST 'Tested Till Perfect' that fit her theme that day. She demonstrates how to make these family-friendly dishes in an accessible, easy-to-follow way, adding her favourite tips, tricks and cost saving ideas.
When it comes to offering up easy, affordable, healthy meal solutions for 'everyday' occasions -- whether it's a quick weeknight dinner before hockey practice or preparing a feast for last-minute guests -- Kary is there with the perfect Canadian Living recipes for the job.   
BEST RECIPES EVER airs daily at 3pm, following Steven and Chris.

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