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Episode 10: Musical memories with Stevie Nicks and Dan Hill

Thumbnail image for Jann in studio.JPGIt's the last episode of Being Jann for the summer, and Jann's going out with a bang - tune in for her feature conversations with two of her musical heroes, Stevie Nicks and Dan Hill.

But first, Jann shares a cautionary tale from her childhood in Springbank, Alberta - why thirteen year olds and laundry don't mix.

dan_hill2.jpgDan Hill drops by to describe his tumultuous relationship with his monster hit, "Sometimes When We Touch" - and the day it got him out of a sticky situation with some gun-toting border guards.

Being Jann listener Rita Chand tells us why she's hugging a stranger a day in her Year of Hugging Fearlessly project.  Find out what makes a great hug and how she deals with rejection from non-huggers. 

stevie nicks.jpgAnd former wildchild and Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks tells Jann how the rock n' roll lifestyle almost killed her, and describes the moment she decided to turn her life around.

And if you've ever wanted to ask Jann what superhero power she would choose, now's your chance!  She takes your Twitter questions, live on air, one last time.

Plus, Jann reads another random passage from her favourite over-the-top romance writer, Jackie Collins


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And check out this week's list of tunes, handpicked by Jann:

Imaginary Cities - "Marry the Sea"

Fleet Foxes - "Battery Kinzie"

Ann Vriend - "Everybody Sings in Nashville"

Stevie Nicks - "Landslide"

Stevie Nicks - "Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)"

The Beatles - "I'm Looking Through You"