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Episode 2: Life and money lessons with Arlene Dickinson

arlenedickinson.jpgJann welcomes Arlene Dickinson of Dragon's Den into the Being Jann studios, and pitches a new invention to the Calgary entrepreneur: The Read-While-You-Run Headset!  Find out  why Arlene was voted most likely to be a candlestick maker in high school (and what she has to say to those people now). 

Then Jann takes her mic to the streets to ask, "Who's the last person you lent money to?"

We'll check in with the president of the Jann and Midi Fan Club of Rhode Island, Louise Del Santo, about Jann's Turkish fan base, her fight with Facebook, and life with her newly retired husband Manny.

And Jann tells a story about the first truck she ever owned, and why it had a lawnchair for a front seat.

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And here's this week's playlist (as heard on the radio):

Shad - "Rose Garden"

Ruth Brown - "5-10-15 Hours"

Jann Arden - "Where No One Knows Me"

Feist - "Cool to Love Your Family"

Royal Wood - "Lady in White"

Anne Murray and Shelby Lynne - "You Won't See Me"