dave Dave started as Kai's manager, and co-barrista at Erica's favourite latte spot, Goblins. A comic book nerd, and spoken-word poet, Dave is sweet, and willing to stick his neck out for his friends.


Bill Turnbull grew up in the neighbouring burbs of Toronto. He started acting at a very young age, where he was cast as Mrs. Salsbury in Oliver, (yes Mrs. - oddly enough, before the age of 10 Bill played a lot of women on stage.) He made his way to film and television, and as a child actor had appearances on Goosebumps, Eerie Indiana, and Wind at my Back to name a few. In recent years Bill has been working steadily and has had recurring roles on The Jon Dore Television Show. Bill just finished shooting the new series Todd and The Book of Evil, that will premiere in the fall.

Bill is also a talented singer/songwriter/drummer, and has been a sought after member of many bands that have toured across Canada and the US. (The Piss Artists, Hamilton Trading Company, Pinko Cronkite ) Bill is also a visual artist, and although you can't find his art hanging on a gallery wall, you are likely to find it on the chest of an ironic hipster as he is developing his own line of t-shirts. Bill is ecstatic to be back with Being Erica for season 3.