The Beaver Whisperers Live

Watch the Beavers

Eco-Odyssey is no longer live streaming their beavers. You can watch some taped nursery footage

or some lodge footage.

Boulotte, Peluche, Pollux and Castor have moved onto a new location. But the good news is that some of Boulette's triplets (Pax, Amie and Moxie) have stayed on and are expecting babes of their own! According to Michel Leclair, the families are doing well! He says that it's quite common for the older, more mature beavers to move on to new digs leaving their old home for the youngsters. It's quite likely that they'll return for a visit sometime over the summer too.

See some photos of the beaver nursery and site taken during the summer of 2013.

Read more about our Gatineau beavers and see their habitat.

Glynnis Follow the twitter feed of Michel Leclair, owner and operator of Eco-Odyssée in Gatineau, Quebec.