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No doubt you have heard all the warnings about the traffic schmozzle Vancouver expects during the Olympics.  Road closures, tons of tourists, oh it can make a commuter's blood boil just thinking about it.  The solution?  Well, there is none.  But the city of Vancouver is spending 100-thousand bucks on metal bike parking racks and offering a free valet service to cyclists during the games.  Think of the luxury, folks, when you drop that two wheelers off, dust off the tuxedo and head off to the Gold Medal game.  Olympic Bike Service icon_video.gif

Crossing Guard

bc-guard-nixon-091218.jpgLike most of you, I'm one of those pedestrians who prefers only the briefest engagement with traffic.  At crossing signals, I wait for the pedestrian light to come on, make sure all the cars and trucks are stopped and then dash across the road.  If there's no signal, I make sure the cars have gone past me or remain a fair distance off before I dash across the road.  Dashing across roads is part of the routine, along with look both ways, and so on.  Never failed me yet. 

I say all this because it's one thing to briefly pick one's spots in the uneven contest between my beefcake and a few tons of metal and quite another to be responsible for taking on that traffic two hours every day as a school crossing guard.   Particularly on a busy street with no reduced speed signs.   After watching one such guard in action, I came away with a renewed respect for the valuable work these folk do,  and the dangers they face in ensuring kids get to class.  No wonder she received accolades that day.   Award Winner icon_video.gif