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Swan Rescue

OK, here's the back story.  The swan's plane was late, which meant everything else got put back - the arrival at the rescue centre, their examination of the poor thing, and the time when they would show to us.  Wouldn't you know it, we ran out of time.  It was a question of getting the pics of the swan OR getting the story on the air that night.  Couldn't have both.   So with that caveat - watch away!  Swan Love icon_video.gif

Wild Dog

They came from Russia speaking no English - bringing along a little street dog.  But once they got to Vancouver, the dog went missing.


Now I take personal grooming very seriously, especially as it applies to other people.  For myself, it's shave, shampoo and I'm ready to go.  So when I first heard of this term 'manscaping' I was curious in a mildly repulsed way.  Nothing more than a mild shudder, mind you.  I'm no prude. 

Love Birds

A sure sign of spring only with a twist.  Star crossed interspecies romance.