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Bike the World

bc-world-nixon-100718.jpgWho has not dreamed of getting on a bicycle and cycling all around the world?  I would guess, almost everybody.  It's not something we think about because it's too far, too long, and too tough.  Some of us might convince ourselves that it's something we could do - given our incredible fitness and quirky nature.  But really, seriously, it's crazy, right? 

Well crazy is exactly the reason Vancouver's Michael Schratter is planning to complete his round the world bike trip in slightly more than a year.  He hopes to draw attention to the way people with mental illness are viewed in Canadian society, and around the world.  Schratter, who is mildly bipolar, senses people think mentally ill people are dangerous and wants to fight that perception.  It's a noble goal, and I hope he succeeds.  Fortunately, he has ridden across Canada once before - so he knows what he's getting into in a way.  After all, cycling the world is only five times longer.  Yikes!  Global Trek icon_video.gif

Washroom Wee-view

bc-restroom-nixon-100707.jpgI love stories about bathrooms, if only to exercise my potty mouth.  So when we learned that two Vancouver companies were in the running for having the best public restrooms in the country, I just had to check them out.  Naturally, they are quite fabulous, though the idea of holding a contest about such things struck me as a tad odd. 

It turns out it is not so odd, once I discovered that a company that makes products for washrooms in hotels, restaurants and other public venues, is sponsoring the contest.  In fact, it was their idea.  No doubt they hope this helps sell more urinal disinfectant and the like - though if they simply got more companies thinking about clean bathrooms that would be good enough for me.  The places I've seen ....  Best Bathroom icon_video.gif

Marathon Man

bc-tobacco-nixon-100608.jpgWhenever anyone protested against tobacco companies in B.C., and there have been quite a few such events over the years, chances are a guy named Errol Povah was there.  He always dressed as the Grim Reaper, holding a sign encouraging children to smoke because "our business is death".  Given how Canada, the provinces and city halls, have placed more and more restrictions on where people can smoke, cigarette advertising and sponsorship, one could argue that Povah's attempt to equate cigarette manufacturers as purveyors of death has made some small impact on the war against tobacco.   

But he wants more and now at the age of 57 Povah has embarked on his latest challenge - a cross country marathon to drum up anger against 'Big Tobacco'.  In a way he is paying homage to the efforts of three fellow British Columbians who decades ago captivated the nation with their own feats of cross-country endurance in the name of noble causes.  But Povah's journey is just journey, and has not garnered much attention.  Watch this and if you are interested in learning more about his campaign, here's a link to his website.  If all goes well, he'll finish his walk/run at the end of September. Anti-Tobacco Campaign icon_video.gif 

A New Contender

bc-contender-nixon-100502.jpgI've sat at this computer for the past twenty minutes worrying about how to start this little squib about a guy who pounded the hell out of a couple of other guys in a mixed martial arts competition.  Sure, his is a tale that should be told - a guy who moved from Ontario to Vancouver with just a few bucks in his pocket, was homeless for weeks and is now a fight champion.  One of those Cinderella Man stories. 

My problem is that mixed martial arts is incredibly violent, too gladitorial for me, even though I quite enjoy the sport of boxing.   Thinking about it brings out all kinds of inner conflicts regarding the nature of the male psyche, the role of violence in our species, just what it means to be a man - for let there be no mistake, MMA touches some raw primal nerves.  But who am I to censure a nice fellow who wants to develope his talents and see where it takes him?  Perhaps I should thank him for allowing me to ask these deep brooding question. Fight Guy icon_video.gif

Doggie Blood

Over the years, I've done plenty of story about appeals from the blood bank for more donors.  Over the years, I've done plenty of stories about pet health too.  Pet ambulances, doggie dental surgery and the like.  It was only a matter of time before I combined both stories into one.

Bedbug Bow-Wow

Hey, the idea of bedbugs creeps me out as much as it does the next guy.   I recall getting in late to a pretty well known hotel in Winnipeg years back that some rather nasty critters in the room they gave me.  What hotel - you ask?  Well, without naming names - it was close to the Forks - but they did give me another room that had no such problem, and it was years ago, so probably they got rid of the problem, within minutes of my complaint.  Really! 


Scooter Saint

Now here's a story we got when a fellow called us from his hospital bed after one major, major operation.   He wasn't looking for sympathy - he wanted us to know about someone he had met who was making life easier for people like himself. 

And more than that, he now wants to help the fellow out, because that guy will soon be facing major problems of his own.   Wheel Friends icon_video.gif

Olympic Elbows

Talk about wearing your emotions on your sleeve.  Canada's atheletes are being asked to alter time honoured Olympic behaviour so they don't catch Swine Flu during the 2010 games.

Scoring at 80

You often see stories about people who seem to defy their age - paint brilliant pictures at 95, write great books at 101, run marathons at 81.  In fact, you can see some of those stories on this blog.  But here's an entire team of octogenarians doing what you would think was unbelieveable.

Flying Grandma

She's not just an 81 one year old runner. She holds three world speed records in the marathon. Or is it more?

Miranda's Day

I first met Miranda back in February when she had earned hundreds of dollars to give to the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster.  At the time she was strapped into this painfully frightening leg brace she has needed to wear for years. 

Senior Swimmer

71 years after she competed at the British Empire Games in Sydney, Australia, a 90 year old Vancouver woman is back in training for the World Masters Games.