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Bike the World

bc-world-nixon-100718.jpgWho has not dreamed of getting on a bicycle and cycling all around the world?  I would guess, almost everybody.  It's not something we think about because it's too far, too long, and too tough.  Some of us might convince ourselves that it's something we could do - given our incredible fitness and quirky nature.  But really, seriously, it's crazy, right? 

Well crazy is exactly the reason Vancouver's Michael Schratter is planning to complete his round the world bike trip in slightly more than a year.  He hopes to draw attention to the way people with mental illness are viewed in Canadian society, and around the world.  Schratter, who is mildly bipolar, senses people think mentally ill people are dangerous and wants to fight that perception.  It's a noble goal, and I hope he succeeds.  Fortunately, he has ridden across Canada once before - so he knows what he's getting into in a way.  After all, cycling the world is only five times longer.  Yikes!  Global Trek icon_video.gif

Canvas Paintings

bc-art-nixon-100207.jpgI once read a rather literary defence of drinking alcohol that pointed out that beer and wine were, along with bread and cheese, the very first processed foods, with a history extending back thousands of years.  "When I drink beer," intoned the writer, "I commune with the ancients." 

I mention this because I have a similar desire for such a communion.  I've long harboured the desire to paint on a canvas.  Their history does not extend back so far as booze.  Still, who does not want to be at one with their inner Leonardo Da Vinci?   But the knowledge that I would create something truly terrible to look at, and be such a waste of stretching canvas across a wooden frame, prevents me from seriously considering it.  It's a mental block, you might say. 

What a revelation, then, to meet the woman in this piece, an art instructor foccused on helping us discovering the artist within no matter who we are.  To her, there is no such thing as a bad canvas.  She volunteers her time helping those with mental illness and the work they do shows that she is right.  Art Show icon_video.gif 

Fan Support

bc-sledge-nixon-b-100118.jpgI know it was only an exhibition game, played on a Monday afternoon in a rink that did not have many seats.  But some might find it surprising how few people came out to see Canada's gold medal men's sledge hockey team take on Korea's national team.  Those who did show up watched one heck of a match - and one can see why Canada is the class of the world at this remarkably fast and skillful game.  By the way, the Canadians swept all three games against Korea. 

Sledge Hockey icon_video.gif

Culture Crawl

I saw the posters - 3 Days 300 Artists - and thought there must be a story in this.  The Eastside Culture Crawl has been held every November for more than a decade.  It's a chance for lesser known artists - and plenty of well known ones too - to showcase their work in one frenetic free-for-all at dozens of galleries and makeshift galleries throughout an area roughly from Vancouver's Main Street to Commercial Drive. 

One Olympics

Stacy Kohut has known alot of success in life.  A ski racer, he's collected his share of gold and silver medals at the Paralympics.  But now that he's retired, he says the time has come for the Paralympic Games to become integrated into the other Olympics. 

Scooter Saint

Now here's a story we got when a fellow called us from his hospital bed after one major, major operation.   He wasn't looking for sympathy - he wanted us to know about someone he had met who was making life easier for people like himself. 

And more than that, he now wants to help the fellow out, because that guy will soon be facing major problems of his own.   Wheel Friends icon_video.gif

Disabled Pianists

I took piano lessons for more than decade when I was a youngster, and bedevilled my parents the entire time by never practicing enough.  I bedevilled my adult self by never becoming much of a player.  So it was remarkable to meet with a group of pianists who actually love to play, particularly ...

Miranda's Day

I first met Miranda back in February when she had earned hundreds of dollars to give to the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster.  At the time she was strapped into this painfully frightening leg brace she has needed to wear for years.