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Bike the World

bc-world-nixon-100718.jpgWho has not dreamed of getting on a bicycle and cycling all around the world?  I would guess, almost everybody.  It's not something we think about because it's too far, too long, and too tough.  Some of us might convince ourselves that it's something we could do - given our incredible fitness and quirky nature.  But really, seriously, it's crazy, right? 

Well crazy is exactly the reason Vancouver's Michael Schratter is planning to complete his round the world bike trip in slightly more than a year.  He hopes to draw attention to the way people with mental illness are viewed in Canadian society, and around the world.  Schratter, who is mildly bipolar, senses people think mentally ill people are dangerous and wants to fight that perception.  It's a noble goal, and I hope he succeeds.  Fortunately, he has ridden across Canada once before - so he knows what he's getting into in a way.  After all, cycling the world is only five times longer.  Yikes!  Global Trek icon_video.gif

Bicycle Delivery

bc-bicycle-nixon-100614.jpgFor decades, we've seen bicycle couriers scramble about downtown streets, weaving in and out of traffic as they speed from office to office.  Though some might suggest (to put it mildly) that they put themselves and others in danger - few could quarrel with the proposition that theirs is the fastest delivery method availble to their customers. 

As Vancouver becomes more of a bike friendly city, it is inevitable that someone takes the bicycle courier model and extends it to products other than architects drawings and legal contracts.   But Martin Gunst also has drawn on other elements of the 'sustainable city' concept as he attempts to create his business.  If you want to know more head to his website after you see the video.   Pedal Purveyor icon_video.gif 

Stolen Rabbit?

bc-auction-nixon-100428.jpgEvery year, the Police department auctions all the bikes and other stuff stolen off the streets but for whatever reason not claimed by their rightful owners.  Several times, I have wandered the aisles during the 'media preview', looking for something, anything that somehow might warrant more than the single line "the police auction is on this weekend ...."  on the nightly news.  Although there's plenty of material up for auction, most is rather ordinary.   Tools, a few musical instruments, old computers, bric a brak. 

But then I always seem to come across something that makes me wonder, "who would want to steal this?"  And the story flows from there.  Police Auction icon_video.gif

Look Waaaay Up

bc-bicycle-nixon-100416.jpgI often wonder if the world has more kinds of cycles than it has cars.  Unicycles, bicycles, tricycles, those quadricycles with the funny cabana style roof you find a beach resorts.  Within the bike category alone you'll find a whole range of options.  Tandem, mountain, road racing, triathalon, fixie, recumbent, cruiser, touring, BMX and many more can all be found on the streets of Vancouver. 

But I have not seen many in the class known as Tall Bikes.  In fact, the subject of my video story, Lyle Vallie (sorry about the misspelling in the piece) figures only ten such curiousities exist in the city.  His is probably the most remarkable.  It's lightweight abd engineered to position the rider in a normal cycling position, not the easiest thing to do when your seat is close to two metres off the ground.  Lyle is an engineer who, when he's not at his day job with the high end bike shop "Mighty Riders", designs and builds high end bike components.  So this is a pretty special bit of work.  But how does it ride?  Check it out, he said.  That was where my trouble began.  Tall Bike icon_video.gif


By the way, if you're into bicycle technology, Lyle's website is worth a gander.  Here's the LINK

Bike Valets

No doubt you have heard all the warnings about the traffic schmozzle Vancouver expects during the Olympics.  Road closures, tons of tourists, oh it can make a commuter's blood boil just thinking about it.  The solution?  Well, there is none.  But the city of Vancouver is spending 100-thousand bucks on metal bike parking racks and offering a free valet service to cyclists during the games.  Think of the luxury, folks, when you drop that two wheelers off, dust off the tuxedo and head off to the Gold Medal game.  Olympic Bike Service icon_video.gif

Lemon Spray

Now here's just the thing to do on the hottest day ever recorded in Vancouver.