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Wilderness Park


bc-park-nixon-100721.jpgBack in the mid 90s, what is now called Metro Vancouver began buying up marsh, bog and abandoned farm land along a stretch of the Fraser River in Surrey a little east of the Port Mann Bridge.  Eventually they got all the flatland lying north of the Fraser Heights neighbourhood that was bounded by a rail line, close to one thousand acres in all.  They called it a park - Surrey Bend Regional Park.  But few people knew about it, and it seems those that did, kept that info to themselves.  It helped that the train tracks and a moat-like ditch limited access.  But it's really quite easy to get into. 

It's going to become even easier as various park facilities get built in the next while.  But I decided to see what I looks like now and ask the people who currently use it what they think about the changes that are coming.  Surrey Bend icon_video.gif