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The "Master"


bc-tugboat-nixon-100616.jpgI may be wrong but I believe no one ever demonstrated against the decision to put the Bluenose on Canada's dime.  No offence to the beaver, the loon, the wapiti and the rest, but the dime is my favourite coin, because a wooden sailing ship is a miracle.  Take some lengths of lumber and saw, plane, steambend and spoke-shave them into a craft that can safely cross the seas. 

Not many wooden boats are made anymore, but those that survive can trace their roots back to the ancients who saw in tree trunks a means to transform their world.  I suspect it's this communion with the past that inspires such devotion among the wooden boat folk in B.C.   They display a mild sort of reverence for watery workhorses like the steam powered "Master".  The skill that went into building that tug decades ago got displayed recently when she went into dry-dock for repairs.  It was worth a peek.  Steam Tug icon_video.gif