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Scandinavian Fathers


bc-scandinavian-nixon-100619.jpgIt can be said that finding stories where no obvious story exists is something of a challenge.  This tale is an example of this.  The idea was to find a story which informed people that the coming Sunday would be Father's Day.  As the majority of adult males are also fathers, this subject heading was sufficiently broad to allow almost any story that included men or women talking about Fatherhood. 

But that's the problem.  Sometimes the range of options is so broad that finding an interesting one that seems terribly difficult.  Do I head to the beach, a construction site, a stockbroker's office to find my fathers?  I was paralyzed by the possibilities until Christer, a son of Sweden and my camera operator, reminded me that the annual Midsummer Festival at the Scandinavian Centre also fell on Father's Day.  "Let's go!" I shouted with great zest and glee and the rest is video.  Midsummer Festival icon_video.gif