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No Chance?


bc-lotto-nixon-100625.jpgLike you, I am very, very disappointed that I did not win 50 million dollars over the weekend.  Yes, guilty as charged, I am one of those suckers who plunks down hard - well not so hard - earned money in the hopes of becoming filthy, stinking rich.  Believe me I would wallow in it.  I ignore all those who point out the odds are stacked against me even as I accept their truth that a win is almost impossible. 

But then, all kinds are of things are almost impossible - which is good in many cases.  Other things that are possible, far more possible than cashing in a jackpot ticket, still strike me as impossible because I am incompetent in most human endeavours.  I sensed a problem with exploring or even mentioning what those other things are because, superstitious fellow that I am, that seemed to reduce my hopes of winning the lottery even more.  After all, what are the chances of a reporter doing a story about long odds actually going on to be the one who beats them?  In my case, not good.  Long Shots icon_video.gif