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bc-tobacco-nixon-100608.jpgWhenever anyone protested against tobacco companies in B.C., and there have been quite a few such events over the years, chances are a guy named Errol Povah was there.  He always dressed as the Grim Reaper, holding a sign encouraging children to smoke because "our business is death".  Given how Canada, the provinces and city halls, have placed more and more restrictions on where people can smoke, cigarette advertising and sponsorship, one could argue that Povah's attempt to equate cigarette manufacturers as purveyors of death has made some small impact on the war against tobacco.   

But he wants more and now at the age of 57 Povah has embarked on his latest challenge - a cross country marathon to drum up anger against 'Big Tobacco'.  In a way he is paying homage to the efforts of three fellow British Columbians who decades ago captivated the nation with their own feats of cross-country endurance in the name of noble causes.  But Povah's journey is just journey, and has not garnered much attention.  Watch this and if you are interested in learning more about his campaign, here's a link to his website.  If all goes well, he'll finish his walk/run at the end of September. Anti-Tobacco Campaign icon_video.gif