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bc-graffiti-nixon-100622.jpgYou probably have seen the various ways cities try to deal with graffitti art.  Much of it is viewed, quite rightly, as an annoyance, a defacement of public and private property.  So Vancouver and other cities spend alot of money hiring people to pressure wash it away or paint over it with some neutral colour.   Utilities have adopted the habit of covering their unsightly public boxes with more pleasing plastic photo wraps of green shrubbery.  It dissaudes some of the taggers, though not all. 

But then there's an interesting approach that views spray can art as real art, that can be used to beautify the city.  Who are the artists you hire for that?  The same people the city used to hate for spray painting their works all over town - before those artists discovered that tagging doesn't pay, but spray cans cost five bucks each, wholesale.  Two very accomplished artists are now making Vancouver's largest mural right across from the Beatty Street armoury.  It's worth watching them work, but be quick, because they sure are.  If you want to learn more, head to their website.  Does anyone know if there's a school where they teach this stuff?  Spray Can Mural icon_video.gif