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I Wonder VIFF ...

The Vancouver International Film Festival is one of the biggest film festivals in North America.  And it's got big partly by showing one heck of a lot of movies.   This year is no different. 

Scoring at 80

You often see stories about people who seem to defy their age - paint brilliant pictures at 95, write great books at 101, run marathons at 81.  In fact, you can see some of those stories on this blog.  But here's an entire team of octogenarians doing what you would think was unbelieveable.

Lobster Feed

You may have heard that when the stock market collapsed last year, New York restaurants noticed that stockbrokers were no longer buying 'what the hell' wines at lunch.  These are wines that cost hundreds of dollars a bottle.  In fat times, financial folks would look the price and say 'ohhhh, what the hell' before ordering one. 

Dog Funeral

In the search and rescue parlance, he was known as a cadaver dog - trained to uncover dead bodies.  And a golden retriever named Barkley performed that role so well that

Fiddle Kids

Remember that Beverly Hillbillies episode about the famous violinist taking up fiddle playing after learning the fiddle player made two million dollars a year?  A classic.  Well, here's yet another reason to take up fiddle playing.

Yarn Bombing

Here's something unusual.  You take a few bags full of wool, get out the knitting needles and create stuff to adorn everything from buses to fire hydrants.   My question (and maybe yours too) WHY????