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Lemon Spray

Now here's just the thing to do on the hottest day ever recorded in Vancouver.

Pool Lineup

Sure the weather is hot, people are looking for a way to cool off. 

Hot Rink

Where can you go to cool off in hot weather?  A skating rink, of course.

Big Barbecue

Follow along as we join Tara McAteer's mission to provide thousands of free meals to people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Viking Ship

  You've got to love this boat.  Two hour sails on English Bay.  An experienced and friendly crew.  A chance to for some hands on sailing. 

Wild Dog

They came from Russia speaking no English - bringing along a little street dog.  But once they got to Vancouver, the dog went missing.

Man on the Moon

What Canadian does not remember where they were when men first walked on the moon?  In truth, most of them don't remember. 

Cannonball Champ

If you are going to engage in a high wire, potentially dangerous activity that could cause a fair bit of pain, then you might as well tell the world how great you are, right?


Officially, this was my attempt at a scientific survey to determine which beach environment people in Vancouver prefer.  Lake or Ocean?  Unofficially?

The Tree that Won't Die

It has been knocked down, bucked up, made into a giant woody skeleton.  But is a big catalpa tree in Stanley Park still alive? 

Venus Williams

Sure, it was a staged media event, a chance for video game giant Electronic Arts to plug its fall lineup of Hockey, Basketball, Soccer and Tennis games. 

Skimboard Craze

You take a sunny day, a really low tide, and some kids with oval boards made mostly out of plywood.  The result? 

CSI Burnaby

Who hasn't watched those TV shows and said to themselves, "Hey, I want to make crime scenes my life?"

Flying Grandma

She's not just an 81 one year old runner. She holds three world speed records in the marathon. Or is it more?

Miranda's Day

I first met Miranda back in February when she had earned hundreds of dollars to give to the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster.  At the time she was strapped into this painfully frightening leg brace she has needed to wear for years. 

Birks Clock

A well known Vancouver landmark has been missing for the past two years.  Where did it go?  And what's happened to it? 

Jackson Memorabilia

>When the King of Pop died suddenly, online auction sites were swamped with Michael Jackson memorabilia for sale.  I wondered, where did all this stuff come from, and who was selling it? 

Metal Heads

So if you were to put on an art show featuring the creations of women welders, how many Canadian artists do you think you could find?